I am starting this blog because friendship takes work and time and not many people seem to value putting in the time or the work.

That being said i am going to share ideas and thoughts that reveal me.  Who i am, how i have ended up here and what makes me tick.

feel free to comment i welcome discussion


P.S.  The secondary reason for me starting this blog is that i feel that my heart has and is changing faster then i am ableto show my self to the people i love.  I would love to write a book but i will leave that to someone better then i.  So i leave this blog.  One day i will be gone… on the road, living like Christ, Loving one person at a time.  And for those who will wonder where i am… i hope this will serve as a road map.

Its called get T lost because Jesus was right.  “Those who loose themselves for my sake will find themselves”.  And if you go seeking Jesus with all your Heart you will find him.  He will receive you as you are… but he will never leave you that way, He loves you too much.

P.P.S The “T” in the middle of “Get T Lost” It is The Cross of Christ. When you study about the historical Jesus you learn the Roman Cross Was a “T” not the Cross shape used today “+”. ITs also in there just because the name getlost was already in use :p


4 Responses to About

  1. Alyssa says:


    I thought your blog was pretty awesome. You are really open and that takes courage. Or trust in God, haha. So often He turns our greatest miseries into our greatest miseries (Shannon Etheridge, in “Completely His”).

    I thought what you said about marriage was interesting, although is marriage not God’s idea and something supported by Him? A good marriage perhaps … because marriage is really what you make it. I suppose what God meant it to be is good, but people have a way of making marriage something it is not, and I can see how those examples would push you towards a “partnership” over “marriage”. I do like your description of a partnership though, and am definitely someone who would not follow traditional gender roles in a marriage, nor allow someone to order me around, haha.

    Once again, I think it’s awesome that you shared your journey (so far) and talked about how far you’ve fallen, only to be redeemed by God’s grace and love. Sometimes a broken heart is the most malleable, and God moulds us when we are broken. And it gives us an exponential gratefulness to have experienced rough times, and come through them. You can’t experience true joy without having been hurt? And of course it serves God through showing how He can work with anyone, no matter what they’re going through. That’s incredible what He’s done for you so far, and I pray He continues working in your life!

  2. Alyssa says:

    *the second “miseries” should read “ministries”. Haha. My bad.

  3. Hai andrew,
    its amazing to know you.
    I love the way you write this -”Those who loose themselves for my sake will find themselves”. And if you go seeking Jesus with all your Heart you will find him. He will receive you as you are… but he will never leave you that way, He loves you too much.-
    I belive Jesus never leave us.
    God bless you..
    keep on fire to writing.

    regards from Indonesia ^_^

  4. sorry *believe* not belive.
    sorry for my misstype ^_^

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